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Category Archives: Scribbles

All the weird things I write that never really fit anywhere else…

Autumn visit

The autumn days had grown noticeably shorter and colder, and there was no doubt winter was fast approaching. I had been invited to stay at Sir Gordon’s estate for a few weeks, as the local bird season was now in full swing and he craved capable hunting company. He suggested that I stay until Harvest […]

Week Two

It was another quiet morning. Agatha considered it a classical example of a West Sharton saturday. There was never much noise here, except some weekends around the new hotel. Not that Agatha minded a dance now and again, and it was nice that most shops in town had more business after the new aeroport had […]

Three short scribbles

Welcome! Let’s kick this off with three very short scribbles I wrote this week. When I first met him, he struck me immediately as an abhorrent individual. It was the eyes – no upstanding gentleman could have eyes like his. Like burning hellish embers, but at the same time freezing like a midwinter night in […]